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  • Peet can go after his dreams and become an actor.

     -Ashley Van Sipma, People Magazine

  • You fascinate me.

     -Simon Cowell, X-Factor

  • I believe you are a star and I think you will be famous.

     -LA Reid, X-Factor

  • Peet you have wonderful charm about you, you really do. And you're funny! Your timing is really great.

     -Paula Abdul, X-Factor

  • I can really see you in films, and that's huge!

     -Nicole Scherzinger, X-Factor

  • This kid has got it, he's going places

     - John Henson, Wipeout

  • His drive, ambition, and personality
    will help him achieve other
    performance goals he may have.

     - Jami McDonald, examiner.com

  • Peet just earned his degree in film and is breaking into acting.

     -Ashley Van Sipma, People Magazine

  • You will remember Peet Montzingo.

     - Ewing, Radio Live

  • The panel is totally charmed by this guy.

     -The Soup TV by E! Entertainment

  • He is creating a name for himself as an actor in Hollywood with appearances on several TV shows.

     - Catrena Hampton, Pulse Magazine

  • Peet is a cute guy with a touching background story ... his personality definitely shines through.

     -Jilliane Johnson, MSN Entertainment

  • Peet Montzingo had personality and star quality.

     -Joanne Brokaw, Beliefnet

  • Peet Monzingo is fantastic.

     -Katherine St Asaph, Popdust

  • Peet has a very interesting story ... and is terribly charming and ambitious.

     -Joshua Holmes, Bumpshack